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It combined Vacuum+RF+EMS IR+Red light +Fat rotating in one machine. It use the fat rotating probe and RF heat system will help to strip out the broken fat cell from the cellulite .The stripped out cell will also metabolism by the body to achieve body shaping and weight loss effect . Golden fingers facial massage handpiece is combined with EMS and IR function to stimulates skin cell regeneration. and subcutaneous tissue and effectively anti-wrinkle, tighten and lift you skin.
Finger Facial Massager
Machine Features

-Core technology: Rotate the fat system around 90° (proprietary technology).
-Core technology: Multi-pole M.P.RF.5M high frequency fat-dissolving system.
•Core technology: vacuum fiber optic liposuction mobile system.
•Core technology: vortex quantum system.
-Colorful multimedia touch screen, control and star indication care operation.
•The grease spinning handle adopts a touch screen design, which is intuitive and easy to control.
Spare Parts
Body Slimming Machine
Vacuum RF Roller Rotaion machine is based on radio frequency energy, the working head can delivery the rf energy to dermis and epidermis.It’s the latest multifunctional body countouring beauty instrument,
safe and effective of fat cells to destroy, to achieve the state of fat liquefaction, follow the body metabolism of the process of excretion, to achieve the purpose of weight loss.
Salon Equipment
Come with 2 rotating head, you can look at the picture.The picture 1 can rotate 90 degrees from side to side to remove fat from the body.If you're treating cellulite, you can switch it to a picture two rotating head which can rotate 360 degrees,such as the waist and
crotch.Use this rotating head,it can be more easily and effectively to eliminate the cellulite.
Body Slimming Machine
This working head uses quantum radio frequency technology to send balanced energy to the body.Radiofrequency cream should be applied before you use this working head to do the treatment.Then you will feel a little hot and energy coming into your body.
Finger Facial Massager
The quantum microfrequency and EMS pulse are transmitted through the fingers to promote the metabolism of body and relieve the
fatigue of human muscle. At the same time deeply stimulate the acupoints, improve the circulation of blood, dredge the meridians.
The fingers will rotate when it is working and at the same time it can break up the cellulite.
Product Description
Fat Loss Device
Body Slimming Machine
Finger Facial Massager
Finger Facial Massager
Body Slimming Machine
Body Slimming Machine
Body Slimming Machine
Salon Equipment
Fat Loss Device
Salon Equipment
Salon Equipment
Salon Equipment
Weight Loss, Skin Tightening, Cellulite Reduction, Face Lifting
Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation Device
2 Handles
Treatment area
Body Legs Arms Abdomen Hips
Touch Screen
Gross Weight
OEM/ODM/24hours Online Service
Packing & Delivery
Body Slimming Machine
Body Slimming Machine
Company & Certifications
Body Slimming Machine
Finger Facial Massager

Fat Loss Device, Salon Equipment , Body Slimming Machine, Finger Facial Massager

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