24 Air bags 2 in 1 far infrared pressotherapy machine for lymphatic drainage and slimming

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8 inch touch screen Pressotherapy and Far Infrared Thermotherapy lymphatic drainage beauty equipment with 24 air bags DO-S09

pressotherapy equipment


Functions:Pressotherapy + Infrared Thermotherapy

Air bag:24pcs total

Arm:8 pcs airbags (left arm 4 pcs + right arm 4 pcs)

Waist: 4 pcs airbags

Leg: 12 pcs airbags (left leg 6pcs + right leg 6pcs ).



Pressotherapy for detoxify Pressotherapy for body shapes Pressotherapy for tone body muscles Pressotherapy for body slimming Pressotherapy for physical treatment for surgical extraction Pressotherapy for lymphaticPressotherapy for relaxation for whole body cellulites reducing.


Lymphatic Drainage

Designed sophistically, this instrument conducts the bioelectricity through muscle to fat layer by electrode pads, forces the muscle to do non-oxygenic exercise. These vigorous and intermittentlyexercise advance the energy consumption and fat breaking process, promote waste excretion.


Far Infrared Thermotherapy

Infrared Thermo function become popular in weight loss treatment only for its deep heat effect and physical resonance. Far infrared ray conducts heat deep to 3 to 5 centimeters below the subcutaneous, and breaks down the inner fat in quite a short time.


Application of 2 in 1 Far Infrared Pressotherapy

Detoxify; Lymphatic Drainage; Deep relaxation;

Body shapes; Tone body muscles;

Body slimming;

Physical treatment for lymphatic;

Cellulites reducing.

Burn calories,enhance weight loss;

Improve appearance of cellulite; Improved Circulation

Detoxify and rejuvenate skin tone and elasticity;

Reduce stress,manage pain.

Beneficial for people who experience poor circulation and water retention issues

Good for people who follow an inactive lifestyle and suffer from the problem of swelling,puffiness,etc.

Far infrared Relieves Pain

Far infrared reduces stress and fatigue


Technical Specifications of 2in1 Far Infrared Pressotherapy



2in1 Far Infrared Pressotherapy for air pressure massage, 

lymphatic drainage, weight loss, detox

Pressure 120mmHg-200mmHg
Screen 8 inches
Air bags 24 pcs
Temperature 19℃ to 50℃
Time range 0-99mins
Power consumption 400W
Compression mode  1-4 modes
Air pump output 25L/min



CAUTIONS of 2in1 Far Infrared Pressotherapy

1. The intensity should subject to the client’s feeling. The temperature should be adjusted from lower to higher gradually. In case of the pain feeling, please check whether the electrode patch contact with the skin fully.

2. During the whole treatment, beautician should communicate with the client, check the temperature and perspiration, and make the adjustment correspondingly.

3. During the treatment, please keep the machine in situation of Pause for this function if you want to stop certain treatment.

4. Please clean the slimming clothes after using.


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